Our services

The market addressed by savas is only glass-makers, as savas does not work on the glass but sells the material purchased from multinational glass manufacturers, distributing it in the domestic market.

A warehouse of more than 11,000 sq.m. guarantees the maximum assortment available with widespread daily deliveries. A commercial structure of internal and external staff allows daily contact with the client to handle any need.

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Our vehicles are:
No. 3 TRUCKS for delivering large plates.
No. 6 TRUCKS with crane for transporting and unloading crates.
No. 1 "DJANGO" TRACTOR TRAILER to transport crates dedicated to the South Division and Islands.

We are able to cover all of Central Italy.
For other regions, including islands, we use specific shippers for glass.

Additional services performed by glassmakers

1) Section for glass in fixed sizes to be ordered by glassmaker clients. With 2 CNC cutting benches available:
1 for cutting one-piece glass,
1 for cutting laminated glass.

2) Providing mixed cases (with different products) allows the customer to buy only as many crates of products as it requires.

Fornitura di casse miste savas