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SAVAS was born as an artisan glass-working company in 1957 following the intuition of its founder Mr. Ilvo Dori. It became a commercial business in 1968 and supplied customers primarily located in Central-Southern Italy.

This top Italian flat glass marketing company operates in Sansepolcro in a modern facility of approximately 11,000 square meters.

Savas Spa, thanks to an efficient sales organization and warehouse stock that can meet all of its customers' needs, is able to distribute rapidly throughout Italy, including the islands. 2 modern cutting benches, one for monolithic and the other for stratified glass, allow SAVAS to provide custom cut glass.

To meet the needs of a more diverse clientele, the company is able to supply crates containing multiple types of products, called "mixed cases". This service allows customers to streamline sourcing.

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Trasporto lastre di specchi in casse

2021: two new Savas warehouses

Stabilimento a San Vitaliano (Napoli) in Campania

Stabilimento a San Vitaliano (Napoli) in Campania

Stabilimento ad Alcamo (Trapani) in Sicilia

Stabilimento ad Alcamo (Trapani) in Sicilia

Our fleet of vehicles

Currently, the fleet of 10 vehicles equipped to transport LARGE PLATES and GLASS IN CASES includes:

  • No. 3 TRUCKS for delivering large plates
  • No. 6 TRUCKS with crane for transporting and unloading crates
  • No. 1 "DJANGO" TRACTOR TRAILER to transport crates dedicated to the South Division and Islands.
Autocarro DJango Savas per il trasporto del vetro
Flotta automezzi savas Spa trasporto vetri
Autocarro Savas trasporto vetri
Camion savas per il trasporto del vetro

Savas Spa
Hornos Pujol
distributor of
«Evalam» film for Central Italy and the Islands

Within product development and commercial collaborations in 2016, SAVAS signed an agreement with the Spanish company HORNOS PUJOL for exclusive marketing throughout the country, Malta and Ticino, of the wide range of Pujol brand products: Professional ovens for stratification and film.

That agreement gave savas Spa additional strength in the glass sector and particularly in stratified glass, which, thanks to the recent regulations, is strategic for the development of the entire glass industry.
The innovative "EVALAM" extra clear film guarantees constant top production standards.

All of the products are certified in Europe and the manufacturing is performed almost entirely in Europe; this factor ensures control of the production chain and on-time delivery.

A sector was created within the warehouse that allows performing tests and experiments thanks to the skills of the sector technicians. This is completed by a commercial network of great capacity and reliability, able to meet all of the customers' needs.

Partnership with a leading professional of reference, aiming to check and classify data, allows certification of the financial balance sheets.

Vetri lavorati di produzione europea
Ingresso Savas Sansepolcro
Ingresso Savas Sansepolcro
Ingresso Savas Sansepolcro
Ingresso Savas Sansepolcro

Expert staff will provide the best solution for individual requests,
meeting the various needs of the clients.