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Magazzino lavorazioni vetro

Float Glass

Due to its high versatility, clear float glass is a product that lends itself to any type of application (building, furnishing, automotive and high-tech). It can be subjected to any kind of work and used in a wide variety of processing techniques.

This clear glass is often used as a base for a full range of glass products:
Mirrors and lacquered glass, frosted matte glass
Toughened and laminated safety glass
Insulating glass and triple glazing
Stained glass

Its characteristic is the fact that the color is present in the glass itself due to its complex chemical composition; the color depth depends on the thickness of the glass. However, it is not just a matter of elegance. In fact, even the functionality plays an important role.
This glass is used in the construction industry, in very sunny regions, as a means of efficiently filtering light and heat, with a low level of light reflection. The same principle applies to vehicle glass.

Insulated Glass

Low-e glass improves the energy efficiency of commercial and residential buildings, allowing extensive use of glass surfaces and the advantage of a passive solar gain.

Solar control Glass

The solar control glass reduces the solar energy and provides high levels of natural light to provide a comfortable living and working environment.

Safety/Security Glass

Laminated safety glass will reduce the risk of injury from impact, fragmentation or breakage, and protect people and property from external manual or armed attack.

Sound insulating Glass

Reduce the noise inside buildings to acceptable levels without sacrificing the sunlight.

Decorative Glass

A wide range of decorative solutions provides style or privacy with maximum brightness.

Fire resistant Glass

The range of fire resistant glass ensures greater fire safety in spacious and bright spaces.

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