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Savas Spa sells panes of flat glass, plain or boxed, in the dimensions of: Width cm. 321 for various heights cm. 200/225/240/255/260.

Large panes of glass in the dimensions of:
Width cm. 600 for height cm. 321.

Monolithic plate glass thickness from 2 mm. to 25 mm.

The thickness of laminated glass, which is composed by assembling two or more float glass sheets with one or more interlayers of PVB film, ranges from (sp. 2 + 2 PL. 0.38) to (sp. pl.0.76+0.76+1.52+2.28.).

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The interlayers guarantee the integrity of the glass, holding the fragments in case of glass breakage, while their cushioning effect dissipates energy.

It is possible change the performance of a laminated safety glass by varying just the number, thickness, the characteristics of each glass sheet and PVB interlayer, to make simple safety glass vandal-proof, etc.

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