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    Savas Spa
    Leader in the commercialization of glass
  • Nuovo stabilimento industriale savas
    11,000 M2 warehouse
    Maximum assortment and daily deliveries-facilities
  • Mezzi di trasporto Savas Spa - commercio vetro piano
    Wide fleet of vehicles
    Transport large plates and glass in cases

SAVAS leader in the
commercialization of glass

For years, we have had an efficient sales organization and a warehouse covering and meeting all needs, with glass supply and transport in real time.
All of our products are certified in Europe and guaranteed in terms of quality and innovation to meet the needs of safety, security and aesthetics required in the trade and sale of glass.

«Evalam» exclusive film distributors

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Hornos Pujol

8 reasons to choose us

We offer our customers the best products available in the market, with the best commercial glass transportation and services throughout the country. We guarantee efficiency and quality in every area of use.
  • Decorative and functional glass
  • Certified products
  • Customized solutions
  • Exclusive «Evalam» distributors
  • Large cargo warehouse
  • Equipped vehicles
  • Load optimization
  • Efficient customer service

Sales Network

To meet the needs of individual customers, we have developed an extensive sales network of agents and qualified staff able to provide customized solutions and information about products and services offered by our company.

Qualified personnel

Efficient Customer Service able to satisfy various needs and requirements.

Advanced technologies

We employ modern means and machinery, always up to date with the latest technologies.

Research and development

All products we sell are inspected and certified at the European level.

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on what is the world of s.a.v.a.s. S.p.A.
in the flat glass marketing sector.

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